The Muriel Story

It began with two friends, Susan Webster and Kelly Ball. They shared a million common interests, most of which (by far) involved good health, good spirits, and the beach. They wanted to share their mutual passions with the world while promoting positive energy, healthy beauty and protection from the harsher elements amid all the wonders the world has to offer.

So they set their sights on creating, well, something… An incantation? A magic spell? A potent potion with a secret formula that only they could divine? No. That was far too arcane to suit their natural inclination to health and beauty plain and simple. So they created a line of skincare products (all free of parabens, harsh chemicals and sulfates) with benefits for everybody bent on enjoying time in the sunshine – whether that time outdoors is spent in Maine (Susan’s birthplace), in sunny Southern California (where Susan and Kelly and their families live work and play today) or anyplace in between or beyond. Also, Kelly’s 29 years in the beauty business shaped a keen sensibility and knowledge of what works, and what consumers love. Suffice to say, this is a true passion.

What’s that? Why Muriel, you ask? It’s our two founders’ nod to Susan’s mom, Muriel, who not only nurtured her daughter’s love of the sun, sky and life outdoors, but whose sensitivities and sensibilities seemed just naturally right for a line of products this pure, safe, and just beautiful.

A portion of proceeds from Muriel sales go to the American Lung Association.